5 Sweet Valentine’s Day Crafts Kids Will Love

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With February 14th quickly approaching, love is in the air! Get your entire clan in the holiday spirit with these five simple Valentine’s Day “hearts and crafts”, perfect for the littlest members of your family.

1) Valentine’s Day Wreaths
Let the little ones help decorate your home with this easy craft. Simply grab some colored paper (preferably pink, red and white) and cut strips of equal length. Fold and staple the strips by following these simple directions and voila!...You have yourself a Valentine’s Day wreath! Take this craft one step further and let kids decorate the paper with glitter, paint or markers before folding and stapling.

2) Heart Crayons 
Take coloring to the next level with this awesome experiment. Kids can gather those broken, beaten-up Crayola crayons and melt them into a silicon heart mold. Let them mix and match colors to create blended two-toned shades. Once they’re melted and ready, use them for fun coloring or as a little gift inside Valentine’s Day cards! 

3) Thumbprint Paintings
Even the tiniest members of your family will love this simple (albeit slightly messy) Valentine’s Day fun! Using thumbprints and paint, create heart-shaped masterpieces similar to the one shown here. Consider using this quick craft to create handmade Valentine’s Day cards! 

4) Homemade Clay Creations
Ditch the Play-Doh for a day and create memories that will last a lifetime. Whip up this homemade clay using a few simple ingredients and let kids mold their own Valentine’s decor. To stick with a festive theme, shape the clay into a heart and let kids personalize the clay with paint once the hearts are dry. These creations are the perfect gift for loved ones or for decor around the house!

5) Paper Valentine’s Day Zoo 
Create a collection of cute critters by simply cutting and folding paper hearts! Follow this guide to make your little one’s favorite animal using this simple Valentine’s Day-themed craft.

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